Friday, July 25, 2014

Beach Beginnings

The kids and I headed on our first solo trip as soon as VBS was over this year. We went down to the Caribe with friends. I was totally nervous and it was a lot of work but we had such a great time together!!

We're here! They each got something new from J&M Tackle, boys got shades and Saylor got flip-flops, of course. 

Always the first up! We usually go walking so not to wake the entire unit!

Cruz and Saylor got to ride, we just had too much to keep up with!

Going to Cobalt for dinner :)

Always under me, I enjoy this shadow :)

Went to the outlet I was going to be able to do any shopping with these three?!

All the kids at the outlets, these were the sweetest kids and they all played so well together, they had so much fun! Cameron, Hudson, Jordan, Saylor, Kynlee, Cruz, Peyton and Harrison.

When these three get in high school its going to be a whole new kind of fun, they are all so funny!

Then when that vacation was over we hopped over to the Robert's new beach house and I got to spend time with this sweet pea, Russ!

How fun it is to be with your BFF and all your kids. It seems like last year we were going to soccer camp and prom!
Miller 2, Harrison and Hudson 6, Maggie 4, Russ 6 mos, Saylor 3.

They have the best area to play in the sand, Harrison volunteered to be buried.

Saylor and Miller rode these plasma cars everywhere!

Daddy drove down and met us for the weekend!

This was the best week and we ended it with a bang hanging with our best friends and our children at this beautiful place.... and Joel came home with a win in corn hole. 

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